Kids Birthday Packages

All packages are for kids 17 yrs & younger.

Package 1

  • For 10 kids
  • 1 game of bowling
  • Bowling shoes
  • 2 Large single topping pizzas
  • 2 pitchers of pop
  • $7.00 for ea. additional child
  • Cost: $120.00

Package 2

  • For 10 kids
  • 2 game of bowling
  • Bowling shoes
  • 2 Large single topping pizzas
  • 2 pitchers of pop
  • $10.00 for ea. additional child
  • Cost: $170.00

Bumpers & Light Weight balls are available. Reservation Preferred. Packages are for 2 lanes per party. If more lanes are needed, you may purchase another package. Any additional pizza or pop can be purchased at regular prices. Package payment due at check-in.

Birthday Cake is welcomed. No other outside food or drink may be brought in.

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Fundraiser Party Packages

We understand how hard it is for clubs/organizations to raise money to cover operating expenses. let's face it ..... selling candy bars and other products is time consuming, and not necessarily profit-oriented.

Bowlmor has come up with an excellent way for your group to raise funds, while your donors have a super time! The major appeal of this idea is that it only takes ONE DAY to generate a great deal of your funds for your group!


  • Bowlmor will charge you $10 per person for the event
  • We win place 5 bowlers per lane
  • Each lane (5 bowlers) will get 1 large single-topping pizza & 1 pitcher of pop as well as, 2 games of bowling each and free shoe rental! That's a great deal!
  • YOU charge the bowlers $12-$15 per person (is a reasonable total), AND YOUR CLUB KEEPS THE PROFITS FOR THE E.VENT! (ex: 50 Bowlers & you charge $15 per person, your group makes $350!!)
  • We require a minimum of 40 people (8 lanes) to guarantee you that deal.
  • (If you have fewer than 40 people that attend your fundraiser - we win charge you discounted rates: $6.50 per bowler (which includes 2 games and shoes), $13 per pizza and $4 per pitcher of pop.)
  • We have 20 lanes so you can have up to 100 people bowl during your fundraising event!

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Corporate Parties

Lanes will be given out 15 minutes after reservation time!!! You must call if you are going to be late.

Bowling rates per game $4.00/ FRIDAY AND SATURDAY $4.50
Shoe rental $3.25 per pair
Pitchers of Beer $8.00
Well Drinks $3.50
Tall Boys $3.00/ $3.50
Pitchers of Pop $7.00
Pizza  Single topping $20.00 each

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Private Bowling Events

Bowling is a great way to bring people together and encourages networking to build a sense of community. We feature bowling birthday party packages for kids, bowling fundraiser nights for your organization, or a great way for your business to unite your employees.

Your children will enjoy the physical activity and bowling will keep them entertained at their Bowlmor Birthday Party. Call ahead to reserve your lanes.