Have Your Next Fundraiser at Bowlmor!!!

We understand how hard it is for clubs/organizations to raise money to cover operating expenses. Let’s face it—selling candy bars and other products is time consuming, and not necessarily profit-oriented.

Bowlmor has come up with an excellent way for your group to raise funds, while your potential customers will have a super time! The major appeal of this idea is that it only takes one day to generate a great deal of your funds for your group!

Here is how it works!

  • Bowlmor will charge you $10 per person for the event.
  • We will place 5 bowlers on each lane.
  • Each lane (5 bowlers) will get 1 large single-topping pizza & 1 pitcher of pop as well as, 2 games of bowling each and free shoe rental! That’s a great deal!
  • You charge the bowlers $12-$15 per person (is a reasonable total), and your club keeps the profits for the event! (ex: 50 Bowlers & you charge $15 per person, $7 a person profit ---your group makes $350!! )
  • We require a minimum of 40 people (8 Lanes) to guarantee you that deal. (If you have fewer than 40 people that attend your fundraiser, we will charge you discounted rates: $6.50 per bowler (which includes 2 games and shoes), $13 per pizza and $4 per pitcher of pop).

We have 20 lanes so you can have up to 100 people bowl during your fundraising event! Call us at 563-324-3595 today and schedule your fundraising event with us!